QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 does not contain water, mineral oil, or phosphate ester, and is based on high-quality, synthetic, organic esters and carefully selected additives to achieve excellent hydraulic fluid performance.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 offers the lubrication level of premium, anti-wear hydraulic oils, and can be used with hydraulic components from all major manufacturers.


QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 was designed to replace anti-wear, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids used in applications where fire hazards exist.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 can also be used in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications without compromising the overall hydraulic system operations.


Appearance/Color Yellow to amber fluid
Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445)
At 0°C
At 20°C
At 40°C
At 100°C
mm²/s or cSt
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 185
Density at 15°C (ASTM D1298) 0.92 g/cm³
Acid number (ASTM D974) 2.0 mg KOH/g
Pour point (ASTM D97) < -30 (< -22) °C (°F)
Foam Test at 25°C (ASTM D892)
Sequence 1
50-0 ml-ml
Protection contre la corrosion
ISO 4404-2
ASTM D665A/D130
Flash Point (ASTM D92) 304 (572) °C (°F)
Fire Point (ASTM D92) 360 (680) °C (°F)
Dry TOST (ASTM D943 mod.) 800 hrs
Air Release (ASTM D3427) 7 min.
Vane Pump Test (ASTM D2882) < 5 mg wear
Gear Lubrication (DIN 51354-2) > 12 FZG load stage
Water Separability (ASTM D1401) 41-38-0 (30) ml-ml-ml (min.)

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  • Improved security against fire
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Global formulation
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Best-in-class oxidation stability
  • Reduced environmental impact

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