HOUGHTO-SAFE® 419-R is a water glycol type fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed to meet the exacting requirements of modern industrial hydraulic systems.

The fluid provides maximum safety in terms of fire resistance together with the optimum combination of performance characteristics and economy to the user. HOUGHTO-SAFE® 419-R is Factory Mutual approved as a less hazardous fluid.


HOUGHTO-SAFE® 419-R is designed to replace mineral oil based hydraulic fluid. It can be used in or near fire hazards applications without compromising the overall hydraulic system operation.


HOUGHTO-SAFE® 419-R is available in North America only.


Apparence Red fluid
pH 9.5
Viscosity, SUS
At 0°C
At 68°C
At 100°C
At 130°C
Specific gravity, 60/60 1.08
Pour point -33

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  • Factory Mutual Approved as a fire resistant hydraulic fluid that protects personnel and property from accidental fire and may lower insurance premiums
  • Low pour point provides excellent stability in cold weather applications
  • High viscosity index allows the fluid to be used at a wide temperature range
  • Provides excellent lubrication characteristics which extends pump and component life

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