Best-in-class high water content fire resistant hydraulic fluids

HFA or high water content fluids (HWCF’s) are hydraulic fluids that combine the excellent fire resistant properties of water with lubrication and corrosion protection from an additive concentrate. Because water is the major component (90% or more) of an HFA fluid, hydraulic equipment using this type of fluid must be capable of operating with a low viscosity fluid.

Water hydraulic equipment, while able to operate with water as the hydraulic medium, will benefit from the use of an HFA concentrate. HFA concentrates lubricate valves, improve seal life, inhibit corrosion in components and piping, and control bacterial and fungal growth in the system.

Quaker Houghton has developed HFA products for various applications including HYDROLUBRIC® and QUINTOLUBRIC® fire resistant hydraulic fluids for industrial applications, and QUINTOLUBRIC® and FLUIDSAFE™ products developed specifically for longwall mining applications. These products outperform competitive products in stability, bio-resistance, and corrosion prevention.

Hydraulic Fluid Performance

  • Longwall Hydraulic Fluid
    Mineral Oil containing or Mineral Oil free, multiple OEM endorsement, best in class product

  • Industrial Hydraulic Fluid
    Regional formulation, Mineral Oil containing or Mineral Oil free

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  • Superior Fire Resistant because of high water content
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition
  • Can be used in the whole range of water types up to 42°dH ( 750 ppm CaCO3)
  • Inhibit bacteria and fungi growth


Hydraulic fluids with HFA technology have very low-flammability, and can be used in all industries where there is a major risk of fire (presence of a heat source at high temperature), for all high-pressure installations designed to operate with this type of aqueous product.

HFA Hydraulic Fluids

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