In non-ferrous production, with operations involving heavy equipment and liquid or hot aluminum, the danger of fire is ever present.

One cause of fire in non-ferrous production plant is the ignition of mineral oil hydraulic fluids. The highest risk of fire in non-ferrous production plant is the operation where the processed materials reach temperatures > 400°C, like in Aluminum production. In most of these processes, hydraulic units are used to operate the equipment, and in many cases, a mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid is used to power the hydraulic unit.

Our HFDu Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids provide an alternative to mineral based oils in non-ferrous production that minimize fire risk without jeopardizing productivity.

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Our highly experienced experts will work closely with your team to solve your hydraulic fluid related manufacturing challenges and keep your equipment rolling.

In an increasingly competitive, cost-conscious industry, we are the partner you can trust to prepare you for the future. With extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and business goals, we provide on-site expertise that maximizes quality, performance and safety.

With Quaker Houghton products and our team of aluminum industry experts, you can:

  • Increase productivity, throughput and utilization
  • Ensure continuity of production and the safety of your operating environment
  • Reduce fluid usage and waste treatment
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs

You can find our Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids everywhere in the plant from Primary Aluminum Conversion to the Hot Mill Rolling or Extrusion.

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